Public Notice Announcement:


Possible violation of copyright/trademark

Please note as of the 1 June 2018 that Fluxmeta International HK. has been closed for business and will not be able to provide any products or service to the markets anymore.

Thank you very much for your trust in Fluxmeta and the quality of our products.

Please note that usage of the Fluxmeta trademark name, its products or any association with the products are protected and are strictly forbidden to be used and will be forcefully punished by law if breached.

Any products sold in any market under the Fluxmeta name or by former association with the Fluxmeta product line are illegal. No warranties/guarantees will be accepted by the Fluxmeta arbitrators. Any products or services advertised by any Fluxmeta namesake are not covered under any circumstances; NO Fluxmeta namesakes are  affiliated in any way with Fluxmeta International HK. Any product or services claimed by any FLUXMETA are non genuine and are not covered under the Fluxmeta trademark or warranties! Fluxmeta International HK is the SOLE holder of the TM and product IP.

Please contact the management by the provided email link immediately when you encounter any of the above that have not been coming directly from Fluxmeta International HK.


Thank you very much for your trust and understanding

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